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Mr. Carroll

Hello and welcome to my home page. My name is Mr. Carroll. I have been teaching in Sweetwater County School District #2 for the past 34 years. I am currently teaching two courses at Green River High School. I have the wonderful opportunity to teach one of my favorite subjects, Geology. I love considering how the Earth was formed and what forces are affecting it as I travel through space wondering what my ultimate journey's end will be. Geology allows all people to physically see and consider what has happened on this iron, nickel rich rock. It also allows me to consider the historical events that have led life to it's current form. Geology allows me to contemplate my place in the Universe.

I also have the joy of teaching Biology. What could be more interesting, maybe Geology, than determining the components of all living things. Then determining the functions of the many integral parts of all living things. And finally making comparisons of the simplest of life to the most complex organisms found on Earth.

I also enjoy interacting as a coach for football, basketball, and track. I really enjoy the opportunity to work with the young men and women at GRHS. Life is good!