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Welcome to Mr. Locker's online webpage. Please find the appropriate links for your class on the right pane of this page.

Grades are updated on a NIGHTLY basis. An assignment without a score in Infinite Campus indicates an assignment is due and should have been handed in on the due date listed. Typically I give a few days grace period before marking the assignment as missing.

About me:
Masters degree from American College of Education; Indianapolis, IN
Graduate of the University of Wyoming & Casper College
ASE certified in brakes, electronics, and maintenance & light repair
EPA 609 certified for refrigeration
BASF Refinishing Certified - Vision Plus Lifetime Refinish Warranty
I taught four years in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as part of a 24,000+ student District
I am currently in my 4th year of teaching at Green River High School and my 8th year overall.

I enjoy tinkering with machines, working on vacuum tube amplifiers, playing the bass guitar and teaching automotive service to our students.  Perhaps my favorite aspect of automotive is our Collision Refinishing class where we emphasize the process of refinishing automotive panels along with minor bodywork.