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GRHS Student Council

Welcome to your GRHS Student Council's page.

Upcoming Events:
        MORP: November 16      Details attached below
            MORP dress up days: November 11-15     Days attached below
        2019 WASC Schedule: November 17-19th, in Sheridan Wy.
                     Leaving November 17 @ 8:00am- Arriving home November 19 @ 9:00pm
        Thankful feathers for thanksgiving will be put in main hallway on Tuesday, November 12th
        We will be having a Christmas drive to donate gloves, hats, socks, blankets, ect... to the
            community, if you would like to donate please get a hold of Marisa DeClercq.
        I bleed GREEN Blood Drive: February 6, 2020 @ Green River High School auditorium. If you
           would like to donate, please contact Marisa DeClercq.
       Make a wish starts in March.... Dates to come.
        We are selling GRHS fan yard signs for $20. Please contact Marisa DeClercq or a student council member to order yours today. Picture below.
Marisa DeClercq
Student-Council Supervisor
Jacob Gantz
Student-Council Supervisor