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Preparing for college can be daunting and confusing. It can be hard to know where to start looking for all those scholarships that your counselors keep talking about. This page is designed to help you know where to go in order to best find scholarships that are tailored toward students graduating from Green River High School. This page does not have all of the scholarships that you can apply for, but it should provide you a good path to reach your continuing education goals.
Click on the links to the right to find scholarships available to you. Please do not hesitate to visit your school counselors if you have any questions. 
Steps For Applying For College
1. Apply to the colleges of your choice
2. Fill out FAFSA at
3. Apply for scholarships
4. Avoid Senior-itis and finish strong
Scholarship Newsletter
Available to Wyoming students listed at this link. Students will need to use their own information and email to download the newsletter. The newsletter is available for download here Newsletter

Professional School Counselors

Shannon Brichacek


Rhiannon Doak
Mark Hyde