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Winter Sports Spectator Protocols and Limits for Sweetwater County School District #2

Although the Wyoming Department of Health and the Governor's Office have increased the spectator limits from 100 to 250 for Indoor Events, all SWCSD#2 Spectator Protocols for Covid-19 and Spectator Passes remain the same for Winter Sports events including Basketball, Wrestling, and Swimming.  The increase in spectator limits affects our Winter Sports events in the following ways:
There have been several questions about spectator passes due to the Governor's change for indoor spectator limits from 100 to 250 spectators... this will not change the number of spectator passes each SWCSD#2 athlete will receive for home (and most all away games/contests) events... some things it will do are below:
1. Basketball will only need to clear the gym following all lower level games and prior to the varsity games... spectators that enter the gym for a Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior Varsity game can stay and watch all of those games (both home and away spectators)... spectators who have their passes for varsity girls and/or boys games will now be able to come to both of those games and watch both instead of having to clear the gyms between varsity games... cheer and dance teams will be added to the varsity games so they will also be in the gym
2. Wrestling will now not need to clear the gym between Junior Varsity and Varsity Duals Meets.. .those spectators can now watch both 
3. Indoor Track - Still no spectators due to the nature of the event facilities and number of athletes involved
4. Middle School Basketball will still have the same policies that we currently have, however, we will not need to worry about A team parents staying for B team games... still 3 spectators for our home team players and 2 for visitors