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Sweetwater County School District #2 Announces Home Athletic Events Guidelines

Sweetwater County School District Parents and the Green River Community... due to Wyoming High School Activities Association, Wyoming Department of Health, and Sweetwater County School District #2 Covid-19 Guidelines and Protocols... there are restrictions set on the number of spectators that can attend LMS and GRHS Football Games, Volleyball Games, and Swim Meets for the 2020-21 school year.   
LMS Football, Cross Country, and Volleyball Events: We do not anticipate any issues with spectator numbers at LMS events. All family and community members should be able to attend these events.  If, for some reason, one of these events has more than 1,000 spectators in attendance, we will need to limit spectators at that time. We are asking, however, that Elementary, LMS, and GRHS students do not attend LMS events without a parent or guardian.  We cannot supervise these students.  Families attending are asked to have their children sit with them.  
GRHS Football, Volleyball, and Swimming Events: We anticipate large numbers of spectators at these events since there are various students involved.  Outdoor events are limited to 50% of the facilities capacity or up to 1,000 spectators maximum while indoor events are limited to 50% of the facilities capacity or 250 spectators maximum.  GRHS Football Games include Marching Band Students, Football Players, Cheerleaders, and Dancers.  This includes the visiting football team as well.  Therefore, we will be giving out 3 passes to the families of these GRHS students.  The visiting football teams parents will be given 2 passes.  All 3A and 4A school districts are following this similar process.  Any children/students who are attending these events must sit with their parents. 
There will be no general admission ticket sales for extra school district students or community members as our facilities will be near capacity and/or at capacity after all passes are handed out and all personnel and administration are in attendance at an event.  Volleyball and Swimming events will be allotted the same number of family passes as football games and the same guidelines will apply.
There are no restrictions on the number of spectators at Golf, Tennis, and Cross Country events as these events are limited to a small number of participants this year and we anticipate smaller numbers of spectators.  If we begin to reach 1,000 spectators at these events, we will need to set limits at that time.
When attending LMS and GRHS events, please be aware that face coverings are required when 6 feet of social distancing cannot be maintained.  When sitting with your family and/or maintaining social distancing, no face coverings are required.  Spectators should not attend events if they are filling ill or they have any signs or symptoms of illness.  All spectators will be required to show that they have a face covering with them when checking in at entry gates.  There are times at these large events when social distancing is difficult and we want to make sure everyone has a face covering for those instances.
Our goal is to ensure that we can continue to have our kids participate in fall, winter, and spring sports and activities and that parents will be able to attend these events.  
NOTE: As Wyoming Department of Health and the Governor's Office make changes to indoor and outdoor event spectator restrictions and protocols, our school district and the WHSAA will work with the Health Department to see if those same adjustments can or should be made.  This is an extremely fluid situation and spectator limits and spectator protocols could change at any time.
Tony Beardsley - SWCSD#2 Activities Director