A Day of Spreading Kindness

The 13th of November is a day to be kind and show acts of kindness. Kindness day encourages people around the world to be kind to each other and spread happiness. This day was introduced in 1988 by the World Kindness Movement. Some may ask, “How do you celebrate kindness day?” Jade Arnell (11) was asked this question. This response was, “I'll usually spend some quality time with my siblings and go to the park with them and take them out to eat.The purpose of World Kindness Day is to promote individuals and groups to create a more kind environment by establishing independent kindness programs and projects around the world to bring everyone together in happy spirits. Liberty Ferrell (11) was asked what kindness means to them. She responded with, “Helping make someone’s day better and spreading positivity to others. ” This day is devoted to the positive potential of both large and small acts of kindness. There is some background history that comes along with this day.  It was first introduced as a day of observation by The World Kindness Movement. Created to focus on the good deeds that could be done by one another that would bind the communities together. Since then, kindness day has achieved many of the goals it was created for. There are many acts of kindness that could be done on this day. Some of which could be giving someone a thoughtful present. Writing a thankyou note, or even as simple as holding the door for someone. This day is to promote positivity and spread it around not just for this one day but for each and every day. People should do multiple good deeds every day, and not do it for the purpose of getting credit for it, but for the purpose of making the world a more well-rounded environment.